What Is The Average Cost to Paint a House in 2023: An Overview

Susan Kelly

Jun 03, 2023

Home is where the heart is; it has much to do with your living space, whether it's a villa, a state, a condo, or a penthouse. Most of us prefer to live in houses rather than high-rise buildings, but that's a matter of choice and finances; maintaining a house amplifies its aesthetics and adds to its longevity.

Before stepping into what is the average cost to paint a house, you need to do a little inspection by yourself where you can identify areas and condition of the paint if it's cracking, peeling off, or chipping off, or if the paint seems outdated, it's time to give your house a fresh look. You can complete your house's paint overhaul or target the areas in really bad shape.

It all depends on the finances and budget that you have allocated for the paint job; it's better to plan and manage your finances rather than start doing it to halt the process from its completion; the average cost of painting your house is roughly between $1800 to $4500, it can go up or down depending on factors like the area of your house, quality of paint, labor cost and other additional items.

Average Cost to Paint a House

The average cost to paint your house depends on multiple factors, and it fluctuates. Still, on the contrary, the average cost, regardless of any factor, ranges between $1800 to $4500; it involves both interior and exterior,r but the materials and other materials are not very high-end but are rather moderate.

For further understanding, let's break down the whole process into two main categories, interior and exterior; you can either start both interior and exterior paint jobs at one go or do both parts separately after as they can be done one at a time or you can do the exterior or interior first and the other part after some time.

House Interior

Let's first address the average cost to paint the interior of a house; the average cost is the sum of factors like house size, paint choices, quality, labor, and professional assistance. Here is a brief explanation to Assess how much to paint house interior.

Average Cost by Rooms

The estimated cost to paint an average room is between $800 to $2000, depending on the room size, different fixtures like appliances, and the cost of removing, moving, or reinstalling them. Painting a kitchen costs almost the same as your room, ranging between $ 300 to $800; for painting an average size bathroom, you must have an extra $150 to $300.

Average Cost by Square Foot

If you are still confused and having difficulty drawing, estimate what's the average cost to paint a house; calculating it by square foot is the easiest way. You need to measure the length and width of the area you want to paint and multiply it by the average cost, which is between $2 to $6 per sqft for an average size house.

Suppose you have an area of 1200 ft; the cost to paint a 1200 sq ft house interior is $3.5 x 1200, which is $4200. If you go with the more expensive high-quality materials or include another additional cost of moving and reinstalling appliances, it can go up to $8000.

Other factors that impact your average paint cost are

  • For paint type or paint selection, the primer can cost up to $10 per gallon or can; similarly, flat paint costs less than $13 per gallon or can than semi-gloss paint, which costs up to $17.
  • Housing type includes condos, apartments, and a normal traditional house, the average cost of painting a condo or apartment comes between $2150 to $4600, and that of a traditional relatively large house can cost $2400 to $6850.
  • Labor is a crucial element when calculating the average through house painting cost estimators; on average, the labor can range from $20 to $50 per hour, depending on the type of paint and expertise level.
  • Additional items like moving furniture and wall repairs can increase your cost, as additional labor and materials are needed to make your interior flawless again.

House Exterior

Your house exterior is the part which exposed to many external elements, including different climates and weather conditions; it is more prone to wear and tear than the interior of the house; that's why the materials and quality of paint must be high; however, you can use average quality paints in your house exterior, but you have to redo the paint job as it can fade and chip off more sooner than expected.

How much to paint house exterior depends on the many external factors and condition of your existing paint, a gallon of paint covers up an approximate area of 400 sqft, similarly a layer of premier is necessary when applying exterior paint; a gallon of premier can cover an area of 250 sqft, a gallon of premier can cost up to $50 and average latex paint can cost up to $42 per gallon.

Factors to Consider for House Exterior Paints

There are multiple factors to consider while preparing for the exterior paint and calculating the average cost to paint the exterior of a house; you need to do a thorough inspection by yourself before calling for professional help; it gives you an idea of the average cost and also highlights the areas that need more attention.

  • Before initiating exterior paint, do the following to get the best results:
  • Repair any damages, fill gaps, holes, or cracks, and repair concrete, bricks, or stones if needed.
  • Clean all the walls using a pressure washer, reducing the extra labor cost.
  • If any doors or windows come between the paint, tap them off to protect their wooden or metal surfaces.
  • Apply the premier first and then paint; use a roller for covering large surfaces.
  • Remove the taps and other extra precautionary measures.
  • Do housekeeping and clean the paint spots or surfaces other than walls etc.

Save Money and Minimize the Cost of Painting your House

Although painting a house requires an extra buck, if you pay attention and act smartly, you can save a lot of money and minimize your overall expenditure; here are some tips for spending less and getting the maximum results.

  • Paint color selection is crucial in cost saving; pick a color similar to your existing one.
  • Refrain from choosing dark paint colors as they require extra effort and materials to get the desired results.
  • Explore different vendors and service providers to understand the market rate and negotiate the best out of it.
  • Do some work yourself; it saves you money and equips you with knowledge and skill for the next time.
  • It's better to hire a contractor or professional to do the job rather than experiment if it's your first time.

Final Thoughts

The average cost to paint your house falls between $2000 to $4000 depending on your covered area, selection of paint, existing paint condition, additional repairs, and moving of items. The average cost can increase if you do the interior and exterior simultaneously. You can follow the above-explained tips and calculate the average to do it more efficiently and give your house a new look economically.